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Mhachen Yanthan

Mhachen Yanthan a.k.a Achen, a 23-year-old music geek on his way in getting a B.Music degree from Margaret Shishak School of Music, Patkai Christian College. When his hands are free, he doubles as the lead guitarist and backing vocal for a praise band, Acts 29.
Music and his mother are two biggest inspirations in his life and has always been his constant companion and comforter through all the times life threw curve balls at him. Achen love all genres of music, but particularly draws inspiration from G-Eazy, Zyan Malik, Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth, The Weekend, Bruno Mars and John Mayer.
Musical journey of Achen: At age 9, Achen was in a Wokha based children praise group called ‘Kids Kingdom Praise’. This was when he learned more about singing and also conquered stage fright.
At age 10, he was the youngest participant in the first season of Campus Icon, a singing contest, in Wokha, and won the title. He was also a finalist of Nagaland’s popular children singing contest, Kids for Fame.
He then joined a five-member alternative rock band called ‘Lapwings’ when he was 15, and won best vocalist in all the contests they took part in.
In his own words he says, “My initiation into the world of music from a very young age is all owed to my mother. Growing up in a humble background with four brothers and a sister, pursuing music seemed to be a luxury that I could not afford, but my mom made it happen. She is also the one from whom I learnt my first few guitar chords. She is not a musician. Just somebody who genuinely loves music and Dolly Parton. Without the support of my mom and siblings, my musical journey would never have come this far.”
His debut single ‘Yanthan Brothers’ is not just about his siblings, but is for everyone whose life story resembles as his. ‘Yanthan Brothers’ is inspired from conversations he have had with his close-knit circle of friends. Their meetings are often replete with tales of life, childhood, hardships, families, and their dreams and ambitions. He named his song ‘Yanthan Brothers’ – with the strong bond that he share with his friends as he considers them as part of his life and family.
He believes that there are many people out there who have similar circle of friends with similar bonding like them and he hope his song will resonate with them.

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