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Nyimlon Konyak

Nyimlon Konyak is the winner of “Anybody Can Sing” Season 1 (2017) organized by “Tattoo Tribe” (Mon). Her Hobbies includes singing and reading and she likes listening to contemporary and pop music. She has performed in several occasions and stage. She says her gift of singing is from God, in whom she finds peace, joy comfort.

The song “You Call Me Found” is about celebrating victory over spiritual struggle and about being found when one is lost.

As I stand behind the light that forced me down
Far away from you, a heart that calls me home
Troubled waters try to drown my faith in you
Still, you find me here and take me as I am

You call me found
You call me loved
You call me yours
I’m lost no more
I bleed no more

Through the path of resurrection, you stand by me
I am no more chained by fear, you’ve set me free
What was once lost is now found in perfect grace
Free from chains I walk with you face to face


No more scared of these waves that knock my door
Through the cross, all my fears are washed in full