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Phongjei Konyak Naga

Phongjei Konyak Naga is an aspiring singer born in a small village of Leangha (Loung) under Mon district of Nagaland. The youngest among the five siblings, he grew up listening to his mom’s hymnal songs and he considers her to be his role model.

Phongjei’s hobbies include listening to music, singing, traveling and spending time with friends and families. He started performing from a very tender age of 7 at different occasions like in schools, colleges, churches, and events.

Apart from his mom, he was also influenced to sing by listening to other renowned artists like AR Rehman, Atif Aslam, and Lucky Ali.

Through the song, he would like to thank his family and friends notably Hentick Konyak, Mendan Konyak, Awan Konyak and every single individual who stood up to support the entire project.