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Tali Angh

Genre : Contemporary Rock

Tali Angh is a writer performer amongst the new breed of working musicians in Nagaland who live to tell a story.

Known for his master capacity to bring the same audio recordings to an open mic or a crowd, Tali Angh brings the vital story-telling vocal ability that is much missed in our present music scenario.

His style is unmistakable and relentless towards the pursuit of honest music. His debut album, “Take it slow” is pure and unadulterated, a true testament to his artistry. His songs are powerful and inspiring; they carry an undeniable message that is loud and venerated.


His singles “Heroes Never Fly Away” and “This Fire” testifies to his dexterity in words and tenacity, you quickly realize Tali isn’t just another singer performer but a strong writer.  This album in its quality brings a refreshing hope to what is yet to unfold in this story.