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Genre : Contemporary Alt.Rock

Virie is a singer, songwriter and performer from Kohima, Nagaland who has stayed true to being an indie-Pop artist since the start of her music career. She became a household name when her cover of Lorde’s hit single, “Yellow Flicker Beat” went viral, and she amassed a sizable fan base on Facebook with over 9000 followers.

Virie’s deep, soulful voice sets her apart from the rest of her peers. Her entry marks a special milestone in the indie music scene as she brings in a set of fresh, unadulterated music.


Her debut single, “Silver Lining Skies” feat Polar Lights, subtly compliments her voice, from tasty rad guitar fills to the reverbish percussion. The song went on to bag her “Best Collaboration of the Year” in the first edition of the Indihut Music Awards in 2015 and also the “Best Rock Song” award at Music Awards of Nagaland.

After over a year of regularly posting cover videos on YouTube, and performing in the local music circuit, Virie collaborated with her best friend Zaza to come up with the song, “Down That Road” also featuring Temjen Jamir of Polar Lights on the guitars. An accompanying video for the song was also released on YouTube and was met with positive reviews from the online music community.